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It's a Brand New World~

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About Me

I'm Nelly!

I was once a super active Arashi fangirl, and while life happened and I'm not super active anymore, I am still a fan!
It's because of Arashi that I decided to study abroad in Tokyo years ago, which led to me meeting my husband! So, they literally changed my life completely. I lived in Japan for 7 years before my husband got relocated to London last year. So, it's been hard to keep up with these awesome men.

After hearing about their upcoming hiatus, I've been slowly trying to get up to date with everything.4
I won't be updating this livejournal page because real life takes up my time, but it will be open to all and whatever old old old links still work will be free for all.

♥ My Arashi Fandom

Arashi is my LIFE. They bring me up when I'm down. They make me smile every time. I love them and can't even imagine where my life would be without them right now. I love watching their shows (subbed AND unsubbed). I love watching their concerts. I love watching their guest appearances on tv shows. Don't make fun of them or I WILL show my hidden evil side ^_^
Matsujun is my main man, Ohno close behind. Aiba makes me crack up, Sho makes adorable faces, and Nino is the cutest. They are all super talented boys and I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't fall in love with them.


Arashi Forum
Arashi Forum

Arashian Subbing Team (ast_team


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