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I'm Nelly. You can find all my random things at this journal. I mostly do scans and some performance/PV subs. Eventually I hope to sub the occasional Arashi Variety show. I try to fulfill any requests in my capabilities: certain groups to scan, certain PVs or performances to sub etc. Oh yeah, most everything in this LJ is Arashi related, except the scans and maybe some PVs if I get around to it. I don't do much else with the other Johnny's groups, sorry.  I throw out some random icons and wallpapers when I have time and the patience to do them....which doesn't happen a lot. This post is basically so I can keep my thoughts and projects straight.
side note: my journal's open so you don't need to friend me unless you want to stay up to date on scans and such...but I most likely won't add you back unless you comment here~


*isn't his smile just so irresistible and adorable??*

Here is just ONE reason why I love these boys xD

Arashi desu~!
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Regarding the sales post...

Hey everyone. Anyone who was waiting for the Sales Post that I was going to do...sorry its taking so long!
Finals week is here so I'm busy with writing papers and studying for exams. Plus work every weekend all day long (-____-)
But I promise once Winter Break gets here I'll post the official post with pictures! I'll be home in NY, and since that's where my scanner is, I can scan everything and have real scanned, high-quality pictures! yay! 

So please just bear with me~~~

Sorry again!
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Adventures in Japan (Part 4)

so...LJ cut won't work for me. AGAIN. And I'm getting really really annoyed. So if anyone wants to read about what's happened lately, click the link!

-Karaoke with yuckie_chan , cutetakato , and jliann
-Some Shibuya pics
-A bit of Akihabara

**bonus pic**

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Monthly the Television (9/24-10/31) Scans

So my roommate and I went to Akihabara yesterday and....bought a printer/scanner!
It was cheap. We each only had to pay like 40 USD (4000 yen) and it works very well!

So I bring you my first scans from Nihon!
Monthly the Television 9/24-10/31
It was very hard choosing which TV Guide to get, the other one also had a poster of Arashi and stuff in it! But one of the girls said she'd buy that one and give me the poster ^__^
And let me tell you, when you're actually in Japan, these TV guides come in VERY handy! XD

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Adventures in Japan (Part 3.5)

Here's Part 2 of my Part 3 adventures in Japan :)
again, sorry about the whole LJ cut not working thing. I tried 2304932430932509 times. >.<

I GOT MY PHONE! Omg it's brilliant. It's gorgeous. It's amazing (though not as amazing as the $700-900 ones---mine was $338). It came with a 2GB SD card, but I can't put anything on it because my computer doesn't have a card reader...I'll have to buy one when we get the chance to go to Akihabara (the nerdy geeky computer district). It makes music when it opens and closes, it has a 3.2 megapixel camera =), it's pink, it's got a HUGE inside screen, and all Japanese phones come with internet! I went with Softbank because my LEP has it and she said that it's free mailing (txting) between softbank users. Also, most of the exchange students are getting Softbank as well.
It took THREE HOURS to get the phone. THREE HOURS! And you wanna know why? All because my name on my Credit Card and Student ID card is "Janelle Canosa" but my name on my passport, alien registration, and Insurance card is "Janelle IRENE Canosa." So apparently the machine couldn't process the fact that there were two different names yet still the same name...Because Japanese people don't have middle names. But it's okay that it took so long (although I felt bad for Anna and Maika) because 1) we were sitting next to a HUGE poster of SMAP
(not Arashi but still nice to look at), and 2) I love Japanese music and that's all that played through the speakers (besides the random Beatles songs and that song from the Little Mermaid...the one she sings about wanting to be where the people are).  A song by Greeen (another group I like) came on and I told Anna who it was (I'm trying to teach her JPop since she's more into Visual Kei stuff) and Maika heard me. She was, of course, all surprised that I knew them and from then on every time a song came on she would ask if I knew who they were haha. I got a few :D
So we finally got the phone. I got to choose my own last four digits of my number lol. So I chose 0621 because of my birthday. I also got to choose my own passcode thingy. I can't wait to decorate it and make it all pretty =)
On the way back, there was this random picture of Sho, from Arashi. So I took a picture hehe. I can't resist taking pictures of them! We also stopped at this bookstore right down the street sorta from our dorms. It's got allllll those magazines I love! I had the hardest time trying to pick one. But I chose Myojo because it had the better poster/photoshoot inside XD

-->His Hair!! o_O


Today I went to Shibuya and met up with cutetakato, jliann, and yuckie-chan. :) I'll write about that in my next post~
Tomorrow my roommate and I are going to go to Akihabara...hopefully we're gonna get a printer so I can print out the form to mail in my House Foods barcodes for the Disney Dream Arashi thingamajig. XD
I'll post again after that!

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Adventures in Japan (Part 3)

 Sorry for flooding your friends page, but LJ cut is being retarded and I've been trying to put this up since yesterday! I'll split it into 2 posts so it's not SUPER long XD

Here's some Ikebukuro pics I didn't put up last time :)

Sorry if some of the stuff is repetitive. But there's pictures now so it's more exciting!



It names the names of the main Tokyo train line, and other stuff. It's cute. I love it.

So first. I was really excited because I wanted to see some big city life, even though I had to miss VS Arashi in order to do so. We got on the train and as I was standing there looking at the gazillion ads around me, I saw an add for non-no. I didn't think much of it until I saw the little Arashi picture in the corner XD. Then I read that it said 12 page special book inside! And that became my new mission for Ikebukuro: to find a non-no magazine to buy. (it was mad easy, first shop we went into XD).

We went to two Uniqlos, huge department stores, and the Hello Kitty store. Everything was so cute! I definitely need to go back when it's a day I'm planning to spend money. I bought a Hello Kitty towel since I didn't bring mine to Japan. It was the cheapest one I could find so I don't regret it at all, plus it's Hello Kitty so it's adorable~ I also bought a PASMO card holder. Remember those cool train passes I was talking about?? Well, now I have one! And they make holders for them everywhere, that way you don't hold up the people behind you trying to get out your card to swipe.  It's genius.
DSCF0852--->Hello Kitty Store

On the way back to the dorms, we bought some delicious bread from the supermarket thing underground at the Ikebukuro station. Oh and did I mention that we went back around 4:30? I was so scared that it was going to be like this: CLICK, we even saw the officers with the white gloves standing at the ready. But it wasn't. It was actually pretty empty. The trains in Tokyo are SO much nicer than NY. No graffiti. No nasty smells. Cushioned seats. Plenty of....balance stabilizers. Little tvs showing ads and what station is next. (I really wanted some au arashi ads, but all I got were tons of Asahiya beer, Nakai from Smap making funny faces ads).

That's it really...we went grocery shopping and to Book Off. Didn't get anything there, even though some of the singles were a whopping 300 yen.

Not many pictures of Ikebukuro because my camera died...right at the beginning of the trip. Boo.

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Adventures in Japan (Part 2.5)

I'm bored so I figured I post a little quick update.

We went to Ikebukuro today. Every time I hear the names of the stops on the JR Yamanote line (especially Ikebukuro), I think of the YT video my Japanese sensei showed us last year. I cannot for the LIFE of me remember what it's called though, otherwise I would totally show it to you all.

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Adventures in Japan (Part 2)

A few days have passed and a LOT has happened~

All good things of course. No worries there. This time I won't document every single little detail, I'll just go by the pictures. It saves time for all of us don't you think??


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Tokyo, Japan Day #1

So, my first full day in Japan is finished! It wasn't the most eventful day, but it was quite productive ^__^

Anyway. I guess I'll start off with departure and whatnot. I'll try to keep it short~

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